Wind Speed and Direction Sensors

High-performance sensors for wind measurement

Ogoxe offers high precision and efficient wind speed and direction sensors equivalent of an anemometer and a wind vane combined.

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Compatible with most IOT systems*
*Please consult us to check the compatibility of the sensors


Suitable for all climate zones and resistant to extreme conditions.


Suitable for all applications including research, air quality and professional weather applications.

Measurement (wind speed) 0 à 60m/s
Accuracy (wind speed) + ou – 2%
Wind direction 0 à 359°
Accuracy (wind direction) + ou – 3°
Communication RS485, RS232
Protocole Modbus
Voltage 12 – 24V DC
IP Class (protection level) IP65
  • The smart sensor is resilient and maintenance free.
  • It provides reliable data even under extreme environmental conditions.
  • No moving parts that can wear out.