Flood risk map

Mapping services for knowledge of flood phenomena

What is it ?

These maps are built from hydrogeological studies to prevent the risk of flooding. Area mapping allows private companies and local communities to apprehend the risk of flooding. It can be used as a first-line tool before a field visit or the launch of more detailed hydraulic and hydrological studies.

It is essential in the context of the establishment of an evacuation plan but also to carry out an environmental diagnosis prior to any development of a zone of economic and ecological interest.

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Interests of flood risk map

The map is intended to assess flood-prone areas and propose technical, legal and human solutions to deal with them. To achieve this, it is essential to map the areas at risk and to regulate these areas by:

The different levels of risks

We produce flood risk maps taking into account the variables contributing to the risk such as slope, land-use, geology etc. Using statistical methods we have the following zones :

Prohibiting new human settlements in flood risk areas and governing them in other flood-prone areas

High Risk Zones - Construction is prohibited because of too much risk or because the area is dedicated to the rolling of the flood

Defining constructibility rules in floodable areas prescribing measures to reduce vulnerability of facilities and constructions, do not clog water flow and preserve flood expansion areas

Medium Risk Zones - Buildings are permitted provided that certain requirements are met

This map document is intended to be updated regularly due to the current context of climate change and land use.

Low Risk Zone - Not floodable for the reference flood, this zone is not regulated.

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