Ogoxe Ometrix

Monitoring, forecasting, alert, crisis management and decision platform

Get valuable real-time information onto your devices. Ogoxe Ometrix is here to help you manage your risks by providing the necessary information such as meteorological and hydrological data in your territory.

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Risk Management

Ogoxe Ometrix is a decision support platform for crisis management before, during and after a natural disaster. It allows decision makers to monitor the actual and anticipated level of danger to warn and alert the population. Alerts can be sent automatically via the platform towards social networks, SMS, e-mail or phonecall, and most importantly during extreme crisis situations where electricity and telecommunication blackouts occur, the application can still send through alerts via its smart devices Ogoxe Floodix which is a component of the Ogoxe iFAFS solution.

Easy to Use

You can easily view meteorological and hydrological information from the web interface, manage your meteo-hydro stations and verify their status. You can also use the interface to send thru individual messages to your technician for maintenance checks. Furthermore, using the same platform you can manage the different danger levels, deploy respondent teams, send through automated alerts to the inhabitants, or even manage evacuations when necessary. This decision support platform / software is essential for an efficient risk and crisis management.

Viewing France Weather Forecast
Sensor data and beacons in real time
Machine Learning Prediction Algorithm
Compatibility Platform compatible with other sensors *

* Please consult us for a check of the compatibility of the sensors

Risk map
Automatic and manual alert
Continuous monitoring
Real time forecast
Implanted stations