Our History

OGOXE has been created after the floods of 2013 in the Hautes-Pyrénées, which hit the Bastan Valley causing several deaths and significant material damages. We offer complete solutions easy to use. Since OGOXE specializes in environmental studies, assistance and innovative solutions to respond, anticipate and warn about environmental risks and dangers. Our systems are resilient and autonomous against any risk.

Our expertise

OgoXe offers solutions designed and developed by a team of experts, united by the same passion for the environment and concern about the well-being of people.

We are


Our prizes

Our team

" Together... we are stronger, we go farther and we can achieve the impossible. "

“Native of the Pyrenees, the floods of 2013 pushed me to look for solutions to prevent and warn in case of flood risk. After a course that many can describe as unconventional, I decided to put my computer skills at the service of risk prevention.”

“Passionate about science and highly concerned of the effects of climate change, the desire to help people urged me to find innovative solutions to prevent and alert the population on environmental disasters that are increasingly more intense and frequent.”

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