Warning and protection solution for floods

Why invest into a flood local alert system?

Floods are the world’s first natural hazard. More than 2.3 billion people have suffered the consequences of natural disasters, 43% of them are floods.

Be inform, get prepared and be organised are the keys to reduce its vulnerability!

You are located in a town equipped by our IFAFS stations?

Ask for your connected box that will tell you the imminent or upcoming danger levels!

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  • Real-time danger level

  • Level of danger ahead

  • Light signal

  • Sound signal

  • State of charge of the battery


This small, easy-to-use object allows you to receive an alert on the different levels of current or future hazards in order to limit the impact of a flood. This connected box adapts to any type of user: individuals, industries, communities, tertiary and agriculture.

  • Resilient, it transmits the alert even when the telecommunication networks no longer work.

  • No interruption, even in the event of a weather and climate disaster.

  • Autonomous energy

  • Flood hazard prediction and warning

3 ways to protect your house


Prediction is a key element for risk management. Thanks to the Smart Device indicator, benefit from a solution that allows you to anticipate and stay informed in any situation, with or without electrical, mobile or Internet networks.


A well-received alert promotes a better response to risks.


Equip your home with specialized flood protection.

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