Local alert system for campsites

A real-time flood alert & warning system for campsites and other outdoor areas near high-risk zones

Why invest in a localised flood alert and warning system for your campsite?

A number of campsites and other outdoor areas are prone to torrential floods. Therefore, it is essential to have an alert and warning system to be prepared.

Real-time monitoring of river levels for flood warning and alert to ensure the safety of your clients

The Ogoxe SAL is a localised flood alert and warning system which is completely autonomous and sends out automated alerts in case of danger.

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Ogoxe SAL, How does it work ?

Ogoxe SAL (localised flood alert) is a mechanical system with detection of two river levels: (1) pre-alert and (2) alert. From this, the transmission of automated alerts via SMS or a phone call in addition to a siren is done. It is completely autonomous and can be customizable for the energy source, either via standard electricity, solar panel or 100% battery powered.

3 ways to protect your campsite


Information is essential to better understand the territory on which your campsite is established to avoid too risky developments. With the years, the territory can have changed, it is strongly advised to carry out studies of soil by experts.


An effective alert that is given at the right time can change the course of events. With the S.A.L., alert all holidaymakers in your campsite.


Protection is one of the reflexes to have when the alert is transmitted

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