Local alert system for businesses

Is your company in a flood zone?

Any business executive must know the importance of the flood risk to which his company is exposed. Protect yourself by ensuring the continuity of your business activity in case of flood by opting for a flood warning system.

Be careful of the consequences! Activity interrupted, loss of turnover, damaged buildings, destroyed stocks …. To inform oneself, to prepare oneself and to organize oneself, it is to reduce its vulnerability.


At the first activation level, you receive a telephone call and / or a message. At the second level, a loud siren is triggered and the tool contacts you. Our system is preprogrammed, it is fully autonomous and requires no electrical outlet or solar panel or human assistance. This S.A.L rotates without a solar panel and without an electrical outlet, so it is feasible to install it in isolated sites. Our system alerts you before the first overflows. You are free to take the necessary steps to secure your firm and your employees.

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Installing an IFAFS One will alert you to imminent or future danger. Thanks to the permanent calculations of the evolution of the rivers, you anticipate the danger and put in place the preventive actions in the event of evacuation. Finally, receive the alert on your software as well as a small connected box independent of all other networks to ensure the sending of the alert to avoid any interruption. In addition to being an alert tool, the software is also an effective decision support tool to ensure optimal management of the crisis situation.

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5 ways to protect your company


Prevention is a major element in risk management. In fact, employees who have received training are better able to cope with the danger.


Do you want to establish your business in an area? First check the characteristics of the territory before making a decision. You want to better understand the territory where your company is located? Study the types of risks present in your area and adopt an optimal protection strategy.


Predicting that a danger is imminent is essential to act quickly. With our decision support tool, take initiatives to deal with the danger


Benefit from an effective warning system to better warn your employees of a future danger. An alert given upstream allows better risk management.


When the alert is transmitted, set up protection systems to protect your entire business.


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