Have you already thought about it?

 Here are 5 ways to fight climate change ...

We are more than 7.5 billion people living on Earth. By consuming energy and our everyday purchases, we directly or indirectly generate greenhouse gas emissions, which are responsible of the global warming.

Let’s preserve our planet by adopting small daily actions:

1.Use non-motorized modes of transport (cycling, walking …) or public transport (bus, tram …). The car is the most important source of gas emissions generated by individuals!

2. Reduce your electricity consumption! Step one, turn off all your electrical devices when you are not using them. Buy low consumption products (class A for example) and use energy saving bulbs that consume 5 times less energy.

3. Sort your waste! Waste incineration is 4 times less of greenhouse gas than traditional landfill. The sorting of your waste will limit the amount of garbage landfilled.

4. Eat local! Did you know that he food we eat travels around more than 2400 km ? Choose the food produced close to your home will reduce the gas emissions caused by transporting these foods.

Don’t forget!  Talk about climate change around you and let them know how their daily actions can impact our planet!