Hydrological Studies

Hydraulic / hydrological / hydrogeological studies for the construction and urban development projects.

What is it?

These studies make it possible to understand the functioning of watercourses, to know the characteristics of the watershed (geology, land use, etc.) and to evaluate water flows (floods, low flows, etc.). We also conduct geo-hydrological studies to understand the dynamics of rivers and watersheds.

Using information from different assesments, we create flood risk maps to identify the areas and sites in danger. These maps can be in low or high resolution depending on the specific need. These studies allow us to give realistic solutions adapted to the field.


Interests of hydraulic and hydrological studies

Hydraulic and hydrological studies make it possible to characterize the overall impact of the project on the flow conditions for project floods and to define and test possible compensatory or accompanying measures.

These studies can be conducted as part of a risk assessment and/or a urban /territorial management and development.

Hydraulic studies provide an overview of the transfer and transport of water flows in a given river system. Coupled with hydrological analyzes, they make it possible to understand the flooding mechanisms.

Development on watercourse or its banks : the studies are used to determine the impact of the project on the flow conditions and in the establishment of any compensatory measures.

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