Hydrological Modelisation

Hydrological modeling services for local authorities and companies

Numerical modeling of water behavior and risk assesment

As part of construction work on the minor or major beds of a stream, Ogoxe realizes hydraulic modeling services for local communities and businesses. This method is used upstream the construction and the urban development projects in order to build a detailed model and have a simulation of the water flow in canals and rivers.


The interests of hydraulic modelisation

Modeling is a tool used systematically in the consideration of hydraulic structures. This work is essential to precisely determine the quantitative and qualitative impacts related to the setting up or modification of structures. They also improve the knowledge of flood flows on monitored rivers and flood zones. Our work allows to model in 1D or 2D surface flows in both rural and urban areas, in order to evaluate the flows before an overflow of watercourses and to study the consequences of facilities on the flows.

Our areas of expertise are :

We perform modeling services for :

Flood zones and flood propagation

Flood forecasting


Ecological continuity

Urban networks (rainwater, wastewater and drinking water)

To improve the knowledge of floods in certain areas

Contaminant / water quality assesment

Impact study of works and urbanization

Our other services