We offer customised solutions for you

We give you a 360° support and a tailored solution adapted to your needs to be vigilant and resilient facing an environmental hazard and risks.


A startup created after the floods of 2013, which hit the Bastan Valley causing several deaths and significant material damages.

We surround ourselves with a team of experts

To provide innovative solutions to prevent and minimize the impact of environmental problems.

Quality & Precision

Our solutions aim to inform, forecast and alert to protect people in case of future or immediate danger.

We adapt and offer tailored solutions

To campsites, companies, communities, local residents, located near to watercourses.


Number of climate disasters recorded in 2017


(%) of environmental disasters are floods, making it the #1 natural threat


Billions of people affected by flooding between 1995-2015*


Billions ($) of flood damage in 20 years

*1995-2015 (source: www.unisdr.org )

Why equip yourself at Ogoxe?

We provide you with tailored solutions that work independently, even when electricity and internet (3G/4G) are no longer available. Our solutions are complete, easy to use, tailor-made for your environment and hydroclimatic conditions.

Reasons to choose Ogoxe

Environmental risks are inevitable. Manage the safety of people and do the right thing before, during and after a natural disaster with our comprehensive and adaptable solutions.


Ogoxe takes the necessary measures to avoid the element of surprise on the day of a risky natural event through prevention workshops to reinforce the culture of risk.


Ogoxe complements existing monitoring devices and alerts local authorities, emergency services and local residents. Communities have access to an application that allows them to visualize the situation in order to alert the population in case of emergency.


Ogoxe measures in real time the variations of watercourses and allows the public to be informed about the current and future danger level via a connected object.


Ogoxe offers a wide range of protective equipment to be arranged on the day of the event.


Ogoxe is the essential prevention solution for often unpredictable situations. Thanks to the latest technologies, it is possible to predict whether an event is current or future.

Training & Maintenance

Ogoxe ensures the maintenance of its devices and helps the users to profit from them with an optimal management.

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