We offer customised solutions for you

We give you a 360° support and a tailored solution adapted to your needs to be vigilant and resilient facing an environmental hazard and risks.


A startup created after the floods of 2013, which hit the Bastan Valley causing several deaths and significant material damages.

We surround ourselves with a team of experts

To provide innovative solutions to prevent and minimize the impact of environmental problems.

Quality & Precision

Our solutions aim to inform, forecast and alert to protect people in case of future or immediate danger.

We adapt and offer tailored solutions

To campsites, companies, communities, local residents, located near to watercourses.


Natural disasters has been recorded in 2017


(%) are floods, it is the first natural disaster


Billions of persons have been affected by floods


Billions of economic damage caused by floods ($)

Why equip yourself at OgoXe?

We provide you with tailored solutions that work independently, even when electricity and internet (3G/4G) are no longer available.

Our solutions are complete, easy to use, tailor-made for your environment and hydroclimatic conditions.

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