IOT Flood alert & Forecasting solution (iFAFS) for communities

A highly resilient, intelligent and autonomous system for an efficient environmental risk monitoring and management.

Why invest into a flood alert and forecasting solution?

The IOT Flood alert and forecasting solution (iFAFS) brings support to local communities by providing them the information they need to monitor watercourses and protect their population.

Risk management is essential to public safety

Floods are the world’s first natural hazard. More than 2.3 billion people have suffered the consequences of natural disasters, 43% of them are floods.

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The OgoXe iFAFS, is a complete system intended for local communities, where the respective authorities can better monitor and manage their environmental risks before, during and after a flood event. This, to be able to inform and alert the inhabitants within the territory of the impeding danger, and anticipate the actions necessary for the protection of the population.


The Ogoxe iFAFS includes sensors which monitors real-time river water levels, meteorological data among others and using the high resolution data in AI algorithms to determine the evolution of water levels to anticipate flood events. This enables the authorities and decision makers, businesses and inhabitants to be informed on the level of future danger.


The Ogoxe iFAFS alerts local authorities, emergency services and equipped residents about the current and anticipated level of flood danger via different communication channels (SMS, call, e-mail, facebook, twitter) or in cases where electricity and internet (3G/4G) are no longer available via Ogoxe Floodix smart device. The solution includes a crisis management platform for authorities - Ogoxe Ometrix.

5 ways to protect your city


Every year, environmental catastrophies are becoming more and more frequent and intense, prevention is a major element for better risk management. Proper risk monitoring and management are indespensible for the protection of the whole community.


Information is essential for the planning and management of territories. We offer quality services to help you make the right decisions on key issues for your municipality.


Predicting that a danger is imminent is essential to act quickly. With our decision support tool, take initiatives to deal with the danger.


Without effective warning, people can not act to protect themselves. In a single simple gesture, alert the entire municipality.


When the alert is transmitted, put in place protective systems to protect your belongings.

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