An IOT Flood alert and Forecasting solution (iFAFS) for communities

Why invest into a flood alert and forecasting solution?

The IOT Flood alert and forecasting solution (iFAFS) brings support to local communities by providing them the information they need to monitor watercourses and protect their population.

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Our solution enables the public to be informed about the level of immediate and future danger via a smart device. The OgoXe iFAFS, using smart devices and IoT, is a tool intended for local authorities, people and businesses to ensure better management of evacuations in case of a flood event.


The iFAFS monitors real-time river water levels with the capability to anticipate flood events. It permanently calculates the evolution of the danger related to the level of water of the river that your municipality is exposed to.


OGOXE alerts local authorities, emergency services and equipped residents about the current and anticipated level of flood danger with a smart device which work even when electricity and internet (3G/4G) are no longer available. The community will have access to an application allowing the visualization of the situation to anticipate measures and possible evacuations.

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