Bathymetry data acquisition, processing and visualization in rivers, lakes and other shallow water regimes.

What is it ?

The bathymetry measurements we provide contain a high desity of data points giving precise information. The data processing would give maps showing the underwater topography and equivalent digital terrain models (DTM). We can generate cross-sectional profiles, 2D or 3D models upon request.

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Interests of bathymetry studies

Ogoxe specializes in bathymetric and topographic river and lake surveys. Bathymetric studies are essential for the realization of works or projects on electrical exploitation, dredging, safety assessment, pipeline or wind turbine or the laying of electrical cables. They are also used in the context of environmental protection and prevention of natural risks.

We use state-of-the-art equipment to obtain high precision data. We intervene at the national level and we will help you determine the details of the bathymetry measurement essential for the completion of your work and how to exploit them.

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