A smart, connected flood alert and forecasting solution to monitor real-time river levels and anticipate flood events.

The OGOXE IOT uses smart devices to predict and forewarn local authorities, people and businesses in the case of a flooding event, allowing for improved response measures.

Between 1995-2015, floods accounted for 47% of all weather-related disasters, affecting 2.3 billion people worldwide. By installing sensors which monitor real-time water levels, this solution gives stakeholders timely and relevant updates on the situation, including the need to evacuate. The system continues to function even if electricity and the cellular networks are down, as the sensors are solar-powered and will continue to communicate amongst themselves. Ultimately, it enables communities to be more resilient against the increasing threats of climate change.

Key features

  • Functions autonomously on 60 kWh/year of solar energy.
  • Higher accuracy due to efficient beacons.
  • Self-reliant and resilient to function without electricity in the case of power cuts.


  • Reduce the impact of floods on people and property.
  • 2/3 reduced energy demands compared to conventional solutions

La start-up lance la commercialisation de son dispositif à l’attention des élus et des riverains, grâce à un boîtier connecté de la taille d’un portable