Ogoxe participates in the 2019 Vivatechnology in Paris

From May 16 to 18, Ogoxe was present at VivaTechnology in Paris to present its IoT solutions against the devastating effects of environmental risks.

During these 3 days, the team was able to meet professionals and welcome the public interested in the presented solutions.

VivaTechnology is a very important event that allows start-ups, corporations, investors and governments to meet and exchange.

Having won the Huawei France Challenge whose goal was “Designing an Iot solution for a better urban environment”, the Ogoxe team had the opportunity to exhibit at the Huawei Lab with a dozen innovative startups in various fields. activities.

The selection for the Huawei Lab also allowed Ogoxe to participate in the Digital InPulse Pitch Challenge.The team present on site met; Aileen Robert, CTO and Co-Founder, as well as Coralie-Anne Ramdiale and Manon Métois from the Marketing & Communication department.

Vivatechnology has been very enriching in terms of exchanges and relationships with important players in the international market. Aileen R. and his team had the honor to discuss IoT solutions and more specifically on innovative telecommunications systems with Zhang Minggang, Deputy General Manager of Huawei France.

Several opportunities for future collaboration have arisen; particularly in the field of protection, insurance, investment and international deployment with governments and chambers of commerce of foreign countries.

Ogoxe wins the challenge of Huawei Lab at the Vivatechnology 2019

Ogoxe will be present during the 4th edition of Vivatech which will take place from 16 to 18 May 2019 in Paris

It is with great enthusiasm that the Ogoxe team learned of its success in the challenge 3 organized by Huawei France whose objective was to “Design an IoT Smart City solution for a better urban environment”. Thanks to this challenge, Ogoxe will be able to exhibit during these 3 days on the stand of Huawei Lab.

Meet the members of the Ogoxe team present on site with: Aileen Robert (CTO), Coralie-Anne Ramdiale and Manon Metois (Marketing and Communication).

The fields of application of the Huawei challenge

The solution can include IoT end-to-end devices, applications, or services in areas such as:

  • Smart parking
  • Fleet management
  • Management of micro-mobility (shared bikes or scooters, ..)
  • Coherence and orchestration of several fleets
  • Measuring or reducing the carbon footprint for transportation
  • Transport safety
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Improved personal security
  • Measurement of air quality, etc.

But what is the winning solution proposed by Ogoxe?

As a result of climate change, the areas exposed environmental risks and hazards are increasing at an immense rate. During crisis events where electricity cuts and cellular signal outages often occur, the transmission of important warnings or alerts to the public is of great issue.  The Ogoxe iot system is a highly resilient, intelligent and autonomous solution capable of connecting any type of sensor (even already existing), collection of high-definition real-time data for data analytics and AI used for forecasting and the transmission of continuous uninterruptible alerts and warnings when necessary for optimum risk management.

Ultimately, the same platform can be used as an environmental monitoring and management tool to understand the dynamics of the ecosystem and its response to climate change effects. This way, policy and decision makers can better create legislation and decisions for the betterment of the community and foresee development plans in correspondence to the changing climate to reverse its negative impact to the society.

An opening to the 2019 Digital InPulse Contest

Huawei Challenge 3 is also part of the Digital InPulse Contest which is a unique program for French start-ups. Organized by Huawei France, whose partners are Business France, Comité Richelieu and French Tech, this program is an opportunity for young companies to enter the Chinese market.

→ Join us at Huawei Lab, Booth J06-13, and talk to us about the environmental issues and technological advances of today and tomorrow!