flood aude 2018

Fire, avalanche, hurricanes, earthquake, floods, there are lots of natural risks and they are more and more present in our everyday lives.

Currently 74% of French cities are highly exposed to a naturel risk. On a global perspective 2.2 billion of people were affected by a flooding episode between 1995 and 2015.  Flood is also the main natural risk.

There is a strong link between global warming and the numerous natural disasters.

So, what is global warming?

It’s a gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth’s atmosphere generally attributed to the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide, CFCs, and other pollutants. This phenomenon is mostly due to humans’ activities.

Global warming causes many phenomena leading to an increase of the frequency and intensities of naturals disasters. The rise of water levels is due to melting ice, and accentuate consequently soils’ erosion, coastlines’ submersion, and finally a saturation and groundwater’s rises. The presence of these phenomena will cause an increase in the frequency of floods.

However, rising water levels are not the only factor increasing flooding. The torrential rains are causing rivers to overflow and causing floods of unseen magnitude as people caught by surprise have little time to evacuate their home. The damages caused by this type of devastating flood are highly important.

Floods are responsible for 40% of natural’s disasters casualties. Therefore, it’s a burning issue. In France floods caused 109 victims since 2003. However human loss and material damages are not the only consequences. To those issues we have to add the trauma for the survivors of these disasters.


Coastlines zones are mainly concerned due to their high proximity to oceans and sees. Indeed, the understanding of flood’s risk is a necessity. An optimal urban planning which incorporate solutions to face risks is as a matter of fact crucial. An optimal set up is very important in order to not exacerbate the vulnerabilities of the zones exposed to the risks.

Territories’ adaptability to climate change is therefore essential today.

However If Europe knows a recrudescence of these phenomena. It is all countries in the world and therefore all populations that are affected by the risk of flooding. So if we take the case of Bangladesh, a country in Southeast Asia, we see that environmental risks are at center of people’s lives as the country is exposed to multiple risks. The presence of many large rivers that cross the country makes it particularly vulnerable to floods. So every year the country has to face devastating floods.

Dacca, Bangladesh’s capital after a massive flooding in 2018 (France info)

Nevertheless to the human losses and to the material damages we have to add the survivor’s trauma caused by these natural phenomena. In fact since 2007 more than 8 million people have been displaced because of flooding.