Solar impulse foundation

"Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions at COP24" by Solar impulse Foundation

Solutions from the Solar Impulse Foundation portfolio had the opportunity to pitch in COP24’s Action Hub, and show that change is possible now.

Enough with the problems. Now, let’s talk about the solutions” declared Bertrand Piccard as he opened the Solar Impulse Action Hub event. This amphitheatre located right at the entrance of COP24 has been one of the conference’s main attractions, hosting side-events to showcase climate action initiatives, since its inauguration by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ms. Hindou Omarou Brahim on December 3rd.

No other location would have been better for Bertrand Piccard, Chairman of the Solar Impulse Foundation, to demonstrate his key message: the fight to lower our carbon emissions is no longer a constraint, but has become a huge economic opportunity. Thanks to UNFCCC, the Solar Impulse Foundation had the opportunity to host its solutions’ pitching event there on December 5th and December 6th.

Aileen Robert, co-founder at Ogoxe